Ann Haskin

Ann Haskin grew up in California and recently moved to Oklahoma to be near her family. She has been involved in Calvary Chapel churches since the 1970s and has served in many ministries over the last thirty-two years.
Ann faithfully volunteered as a chaplain in Juvenile Hall for seven years and has a passion to evangelize and minister to those who are broken and hurting. She also had the privilege of being a counselor at crusades that featured speakers Billy Graham, Greg Laurie, and Franklin Graham.
Ann speaks at different events throughout the United States, sharing her story in order to help others find redemption as she did in the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Ann believes that God called her into this ministry and is excited to see how He plans to use her life story and this book.

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Vision for the Ministry

God called me into ministry about 12 years ago. I kept telling Him that He had the wrong person, but He wouldn’t listen. Imagine that! I told Him that I wasn’t educated enough or smart enough, because only really smart people write books. After much prayer, listening to many different sermons, and searching the scriptures, I finally surrendered when God revealed to me a passage in 1 Corinthians 1:27, which states, “God hath chosen the foolish things of this world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of this world to confound the things which are mighty.” I figured if God could use Balaam’s donkey, He most certainly could use me!

Ann Haskin Evangelistic Ministries was officially launched in May of 2023. As we all know, it takes a team to run a ministry, and I am happy to introduce these two intelligent and godly women who were hand-picked by God for the team.

Cathy Cross

Cathy Cross

Lori Alaways

Lori Alaways

​First, Cathy Cross, whom I have known for 14 years, helped me for over four years on everything bookrelated.

Also, Lori Alaways, whom I have known for 33 years, came on board when the heat was turned up during the final editing process. Boy, does that girl work well under pressure!

These two women are like family to me, and I am forever grateful for them and their very supportive husbands.

God gave me a vision a few years ago after watching a documentary on George Müller’s ministry. The scars of the Napoleonic wars had left hundreds of children homeless and living on the streets. Through God’s providence and guidance, George Müller eventually purchased land and built Christian orphanages for these children.

For seven years, I volunteered as a chaplain in a juvenile hall. Many of the teens there shared their stories about the problems with secular group homes (which took the place of orphanages), and why they kept running away. From their perspective, what was missing were love and compassion.

Christian group homes were few and far between. After some research, I found that there were very few Christian group homes and foster homes for children in need in the Deep South compared with the rest of America.

Our vision for this ministry is to use donations to spread the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our prayer for the future is to develop Christian group homes for children, beginning in my birthplace, Alabama. Growing up as a child who longed to be loved and cared for, my heart is committed to this, one hundred percent. We want to free children of poverty and offer a safe place of refuge for those who have been in similar situations. We will provide a loving environment, a good education, and most importantly, share the Gospel and the love of Jesus Christ so they can go out into the world and become witnesses for Him.

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